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Being that she was his closest friend, Katara offered Aang emotional support throughout their travels. Katara met the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors when Aang traveled to Kyoshi Island to ride the elephant koi. Due to the Northern Water Tribe patriarchal structure, he refused to teach Katara fighting techniques used in waterbending. Eager aang had sex with katara defeat Azula, Katara accompanied Zuko on a journey to the Fire Nation Capital during the events of Sozin's Comet; Zuko, however, was wounded while protecting her from his sister's lightning strike during their Agni Kai.

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Aang had sex with katara
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Katara's relationships

Aang revealed his past life at the Southern Air Temple to her, his reasons for running away, and how he feels responsible for the War. By Storyware. She interrogated Yon Rha and forced him to confess that he killed Kya. Episode 7.

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Aang had sex with katara
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Katara's bending prowess accompanied by Sokka's mental creativity and weapons specialty created a powerful duo. Later, when Zuko betrayed her and the team by joining Azula, Katara was visibly hurt and her hatred for Zuko only worsened, as she took his betrayal personally. Toph was the young earthbending master that befriended and joined Team Avatar in order to help Aang master earthbending and escape her overprotective parents. Season 3.

Aang had sex with katara
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Aang had sex with katara
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Aang had sex with katara
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